The Sounds

Much as blowing through a flute produces a distinct sound through each of its holes, as the energy of the subtle body passes through the seven energy centres of the autonomic nervous system it creates particular sounds (see below). These sounds and their sub-divisions form the vowels and consonants of the Sanskrit language.

The primordial sound Aum is one of these sounds, which when sub-divided into A, U and M, resonates in the left channel of emotion (A), the right channel of action (U) and the central channel of balance (M). Singing Aum, for example, helps bring these channels into harmony with each other. Like a tuning fork that gives out a pure frequency of sound, the physical vibration of singing these notes and sounds causes a resonance within the subtle body itself and reinforces the centres energy frequency in a purely mathematical form. Using this methodology it is possible to correct imbalances within our body’s subtle energy system, ease stress and so reverse the road to pathology and disease.

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