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Music Meditation

Bringing harmony to life

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The Seven Notes

The basic musical octave is split into seven distinct notes, corresponding directly to the seven spiritual energy centres (chakras) of the autonomic nervous system (see below). These energy centres operate through the various physical plexuses to maintain and co-ordinate the functions of the body’s vital organs.


So in musical terms, the right combination of musical sounds can have a direct affect on the operation of the energy centres and thereby the state of our physical and mental being. It is this curative power that some call the ‘healing power’ of music. We can also use the gentle force of music to enhance our emotional state and remove anxiety and stress. To do this we simply need to understand the correlation between different tones and the energy centres themselves.


In the Indian system of classical music the notes are named: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni

(which directly correspond to the western solfa names: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti)


The seven notes

The sounds

Number of times

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